Northern Sweden

Welcome to Northern Sweden!

NW Production presents Winter in Northern Scandinavia!

Kiruna is the small mining town 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. is a town in the sub arctic area, planned and built for the long and cold winters and the short but intensive summers. Kiruna is also the centre of research upon the Northern Lights. During the winter period from December to April, the winter sky is often lit up by the amazing Aurora Borealis, with its beautiful and magic colourings and scribbling. At midwinter, total darkness reigns. But as spring approaches, the days grow longer and brighter until the summer sun never sets, Midnight-Sun.

The history of Jukkasjärvi (it means meeting place) goes back to the 17th century when it was a market and meeting place for the Laplanders, settlers and hunters in the area. The Ice Hotel is situated in Jukkasjärvi, it was the first Ice Hotel in the world and they build it up every year so the design changes from year to year. All of the ice for the hotel is taken from the Torne River and they even export the ice from here to other places in the world.

In Jukkasjärvi and Kiruna you get to experience the peace and quite, but yet amazing and stunning landscape. And the best of it all; you can mix it with great activities and great meetings with the local people. Here you can see the northern light, drive snowmobiles or dogsled or maybe visit a reindeer farm. Cold, dry winters and mild summers characterize the subarctic climate of Swedish Lapland.

Luleå is the capital of Swedish Lapland and boasts the city features that makes any holiday comfortable and fun. It is also a city in the wilderness and within minutes you are in the dense forest where moose, bear and reindeer roam or out on the frozen sea of an archipelago with over 700 islands. The Midnight-Sun in summer is balanced by a winter phenomenon called Northern Lights – considered by many as one of the most beautiful, spectacular and dramatic sights to be seen upon this planet.